Confessions of a Professional Wedding Guest: A New Engagement!

For every wedding journey there is a beginning. Ultimately your guests will wind up at the table photos and amazing group shots like below, but it's a long road to get there.

Over the weekend Craig and I got the amazing news that one of his friends from forever & a day got engaged. The couple has been together for almost 10 years and we were just waiting for her boyfriend to pop the question.  

Wedding #14 coming on up! 

I can't forget #13 & #15 too...Craig and I received the Save the Date for our 13th wedding last week.  It's sorta becoming a trend - three a year..Except 2015 had 4...including our own.
This year will forever be special. =)

I still get excited with the possibility of a new wedding to go to! Will they have a photobooth? Will the food be good?! Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Church Wedding or Venue Wedding?!? What will the first dance song be? Who will get drunk off their ass and hope it's not caught on video?! What special touches will the couple do to make it a special day for them?

I love taking the group photos too...

Brian & Vicky's Wedding - The First Wedding - Nov 2012
 Craig and I are standing last on the right

John & Jessica's Wedding - The Fifth Wedding - Dec 2013
Once again, Craig & I are standing last on the right

 Anthony & Kiana's wedding - The 4th Wedding - May 2013
 Craig & I are on the right

Dave & Jen - The 13th Wedding - July 2015
Craig and  I are to the left of the Bride - I'm crouched down - Craig is above me.

With all the craziness aside I love weddings. I think 15 weddings calls for professional status. The newly engaged couple is coming home for Thanksgiving to talk about the wedding plans and I just can't wait! 

What's Your Favorite Part of Weddings? 
How Many Weddings have you Attended? 
I'd love to hear...


  1. My lanta, girl! That is a ton of weddings! I do love weddings though! I think my favorite part is dancing! I just think it's a fun thing after all the stress of the wedding for the bride and groom to really have some fun dancing with their guests. Honestly I barely danced at my wedding because of talking to people but if I could do a redo that would definitely be one of the things I did more of at mine!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. What a blasting party! First picture showing the favors décor is definitely worth copying. Heard a lot about event locations from my known. Also seen the beautiful exteriors online. I think booking one of them for my sister's baby shower will be a wonderful idea to surprise our mommy to be.