Writing...A Fresh Start


Last Friday, I made a bold statement admitting things I'd like to embrace & attempt in the next few months. Read such daring post here. One of the things was finish a novel.  
*Take a deep breath*
There is so much positive inspiration for female writers! It's pretty much around every corner. Blogs, amazing authors, screenplays, comedians, podcasts, poets, newsletters...Creativity & unique voices are everywhere. Somehow I have to latch on and not give up.

I've always told myself I have focus issues. It could stem from childhood A.D.H.D. or rather my denial to acknowledge adult A.D.D. I don't know, but it has resulted in several writing projects scattered on my home & work computer, a few notebooks, scrap papers, and a scrapbook of post-its with ideas. I used to be in a writers group in my local library and it used to push me to be productive. I knew I had to have something to submit and the possibility of a constructive critique was intoxicating. Alas, the group disbanded and I abandoned a lot of my starts.

Lately I've been trying to purge through the crap I've collected through the years and the precious little writing samples have been popping up here & there. It's made me long the possibility of finishing one of them. 

A deserted zombie novel, scraps of a romantic ghost story I started with my ex in mind, a taunting sci-fi novel continuing where Bladerunner left off, a too realistic vampire novel revolving around a misunderstanding too deep not to explore, and other little tidbits I hope to fit in somewhere along the way. I can't sit back and let the ideas go to waste. I can't.

Perhaps mini goals would help or joining a new writing group to push it along. I have to find the motivation right for me. It will be a fresh start and hopefully it will be a good one! =)

Where do you find your Inspiration & Motivation to Write?
I'd love to hear...

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  1. You'll get it girl! And when those ideas flow, they will be spectacular!!! ;-)

  2. Wow!! What an amazing goal! Best of luck with the novel!

  3. You are going to find the right thing for you to help you feel more productive and like you're writing for you again! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. What a fabulous goal! Lots of luck to you!