Stolen Moments Sunday

My November Agenda...Ready to be filled!

Hello November! Like the rest of the blogging community I'm shocked that it's November. Even though I got to go to two Halloween parties I'm still am in shock Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas *gasp* is approaching fast. But there is two months to set it all right. 

November is going to be a fun month...I can feel it. There is so much I'm looking forward to and December is shaping up to be an exciting month as well! 

Things I'm looking forward to in November

~ My new gym is opening up tomorrow!!!!  

~ My best friend's baby shower!! Winnie the Pooh theme! 

~ Learning how to make a diaper cake for my best friend's baby shower! ~

~ Celebrating my mom's birthday! ~

~ Lena Dunham's New Podcast - "Women of the Hour" Starting Thurs, Nov. 5th ~

~ Don't Scream b/c it's seems to early but...Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! ~

~ Hudson Valley Restaurant Week! November 2nd - November 15th! ~ 


Wonderful stuff is coming and this weekend had some wonderful Stolen Moments too!

Amazing Salsa I made for Taco Night | Snail Mail & some goodies from my Aunt Mary from Italy 
This lil fox from Target has a new home | Toots & Dill as Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers

My Weekend Stolen Moments

~ Long car ride discussions between Craig and me. We are both only children who found each other and sometimes it's crazy how much we can relate to one another. We had decided to leave the NYC Halloween house party we were at because we discovered the NYC marathon was today. Anyone who lives near the city knows, that's one of the worst days to be traveling around Manhattan. We decided to leave and it left us a few precious moments of just us. A young married couple discussing our dreams. ~

~Little kids dressed up as minions is the cutest things I've ever seen! I loved giving out some candy to kids who are keeping the spirit of Halloween alive! ~

~ Catching up with my Aunt Mary after her month long trip to Italy! I really have to venture out into the world because her stories were amazing! She gifted me with some real-life Italian Olive Oil! It's going to be so good! I have such a small family and one of the reasons I'm looking forward to these next two months is I get to see my family. We live so close yet we never see each other!! This has to change! ~

~ Tacos & World Series! Every time my husband and his best friend Sean get together the NY Mets have won a game. Well we ate the tacos...well inhaled the tacos without a drop left and the World Series is in extra innings!! *Fingers Crossed* ~

What were your Weekend Stolen Moments?

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