Friday Favorites: 10 Favorite Things I'd Like to Try!

Happy Friday! Lately, I feel like all I've been doing is work, sleep, & repeat. It's quite boring. Time is racing by and I feel like I'm missing some opportunities to put the pedal to the metal sort a speak.

 My list of things I'd like try is growing and growing. I do manage a book or two a month and a spark of inspiration fleets by me every now and again. I need to grow that spark into something more.  I need stop wasting time procrastinating until the rainy day comes. 

I love my cupcake decorating class I teach, but alas it's over in 2 more weeks. I used to attend Free Williams Sonoma demos on Saturdays but the store in my local mall closed. I have to venture out and see what's out there..See what my creative mind can do! =)
Here are 10 things I'd like to try! 

1. Learn how to Knit!
~ My Aunt is amazing at knitting! She told me she'd love to teach me! ~

2. Learn how to make Risotto...
~ I always order the risotto appetizers. It's about time I learn how to make it! ~

3. Attend a Creative Workshop
~ I heard there was a glass molding class a few towns over! I definitely want to sign up! ~

4. Learn how to make Homemade Raviolis
~ I own a ravioli maker/cutter! I just need to use it! ~

5. Sign up for Goods Reads 
~ And take it seriously... ~

6. Accomplish at least 50,000 word Novel
~ I have a few started!! I just have to finish them! ~

7. Learn how to sew with my new sewing machine!
~ A lovely friend gifted me a new sewing machine for my bridal shower! ~

8. Utilize my script handwriting in some way
~ This one is under development...I love my script...What can I do with it?!? ~ 

9. Embrace Project Life Photo Projects
~ I never print out photos anymore...Maybe this will give me the right dose of inspiration to do it! ~

10. Re-learn how to use my Ukelele
~ My husband gave me one for Xmas two years ago. I have to re-learn! It used to be so much fun! ~

What are Some New Things You'd Like to Try? 

Today I will be linking up with Krysten@Why Girls are Weird & Lindsay@The Flynnigans for their amazing 10 things that made me happy this week Link-up! =)



  1. Mmmm if you make homemade raviolis can I eat them?? lol
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today (just an FYI, the link in your comment had a typo so it didn't direct me to your was spelled blgospot instead of blogspot--just wanted to let you know so you could fix it!)
    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. OMG I want to knit so bad and I even bought the stuff to do it and a book and I gave up, I need someone to teach me!

  3. I really want to learn how to play my ukulele better too! I know a few cords, but it could definitely be improved haha!

    I started a positivity link up a few months ago that goes live the last day of every month- you should definitely post this on there!

  4. I'd LOVE to be able to knit or crochet but it would seem that I don't have that in me, which is unfortunate because my Granny used to knit and crochet up a storm and I never got her to teach me before she passed. Knitting is just funny, I can make something look absolutely ridiculous, but hey, it's fun so that's all that matters.

    I love your list of things you'd like to try, I should try making a list like this sometime.

    Thanks for linking up girl, you're welcome to do so anytime.

    Have a great weekend! xo

  5. Great list! I would LOVE to get better at sewing! I am about out of skills after sewing a button haha

  6. Good list. I like this idea of making a list of things I always say "oh i want to...." and then I forget. I have to put a list together. Thanks for the idea!

  7. I'd love to learn ukulele, too! I've tried guitar, but my fingers aren't that athletic! ;)

  8. So, you play the ukelele... Very interesting! I'm not musically inclined and as a result have never played any musical instrument. Is it like playing a mini guitar?

  9. I love your list! I want to re-learn guitar. It's been a long long time since I've touched it. Just to encourage you risotto is not very hard to make at all! I love Emeril's mushroom risotto recipe that you can find on the food network blog. If you don't like risotto you can leave the mushrooms out and it still works very well. I also don't drizzle the truffle oil on either because I just don't buy it. Have a wonderful weekend and hope you get a chance to relax!

  10. i am happy to help you with 1 and 2 :) Le me knows how nr 7 goes. I am thinking of getting my own sewing machine. I’m so happy to connect with you! Add me at: &

  11. Oh I would love a sewing machine! They are so awesome to have even for the simplest things like fixing a skirt hem! I don't knit, but I crochet and it is SO fun and relaxing! Prepare to have a mountain of hats and scarves once you're hooked ;-)

  12. Ugh! I've tried to take up knitting once. #FAIL! I've also attended creative workshops and strongly recommend them to anyone. It's amazing, the variety of different craft you can discover- not to mention the cool people you'll meet! :)

  13. I so want to learn how to knit too! Recently, a friend told me that knitting is super relaxing. Have a great morning, darling.