Monday Motivation - Check-In 2.5

Starting Weight 11/2/15: 214.2 lbs
Check-In #3 11/16/15: T.B.D.

Happy Monday! I promised myself I would not weigh myself until 2 weeks have passed but I was so motivated today I had to give a half update.

Motivation + Changes
Over the weekend I got some much needed rest and today I felt the benefits of built up sleep. I wrote in my planner, "GO TO THE GYM TODAY!", I told my husband I was going to go in hopes he would push me if I tried to flake out, & I repeated my mantra over & over. It worked! 

I used to go to the weight room in high school all the time. I had to because I was on the track team. I did & still hate running, so I did the field events. I miss doing the discus and the shotput! However, back then it was a routine. There were six other girls in there with me, pushing each other a little bit more. Now it's just me & it dawned on me...I need a better plan. 

For starters...yesterday at the gym I noticed a few things I was doing completely wrong. 

1. My Sports Bras are too tight. 

~Yeah I know, obviously they're tighter because I gained more weight from when I first bought them.  They hold me up and together but Sports bras shouldn't be leaving a red line on my shoulders & squeeze my boobs up like an award show. I will have to invest in some new ones. 

2. I bring way to much Crap with me to the Gym w/o a gym bag.

~ Last night I realized I had a bottle of water, my ipod, my phone, & my keys. I lugged all of that shit around and carefully put it down away from the machines wrath. I was so paranoid I'd leave my phone or keys I wasn't paying attention to my reps or anything. I lost the cap to my water bottle early on, so I had to carefully not spill an open water bottle in my journey through the machines.

Gym Bag  + Lock + Arm band ipod strap
Oh and leave my phone in the locker. *Gasp*

3. Lack of Amazing Ipod Playlist

I have a confession. I still make car mix cds. Yes I do. My car is old enough to not have an iPod input and I love the rush of playing a new CD. I tried a new machine last night and it was intense. If I stopped moving the timer/calorie counter/distance would stop. I was stuck with whatever playlist I started. Well Car Mix 3.19.15 did not do the trick. I need a punchy, here me roar, rocking playlist with upbeat music to keep me going. Icona Pop - "I Love It" needs to be on ASAP!

4. Paying too close Attention to Counters..

Half my problem with the gym is I constantly watch the counters - miles/calories/time. I really need to put a towel over it or try to ignore it. It's messing me up and it's not helping. The new gym has a TV on each stationery bike/treadmill but the counters still show. This is a mini hurdle I will definitely have to overcome.

5. Variety...

It is so easy for me to just go on the stationery bikes and ride it for an hour while I watch my favorite TV Show or even the treadmill with a higher incline tricking me into thinking I'm doing more...I need to break this habit. Yes cardio is important but my body has plateaued so badly I don't even hurt the next day after my workouts. I'm not saying I feel like I need to hurt the next day to feel like my workout was validated...but it's an indicator that I pushed myself a little further.

Try out new machines! I did this lateral elliptical which moves your legs from side to was intense but amazing!

How are you doing with your Fitness? 


  1. I just bought a Fitbit Charge and I LOVE it! It helps track my steps and calories burned and how I sleep. There's also the Charge HR, which monitors heart beat. I use Spotify for when I'm walking on my lunch break and for when I'm writing for NaNoWriMo. Keep up the great work!

  2. Lovely, thanks for sharing! xo